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I'm Sarah Cochrane and I am an astrologer who practices Western astrology. I provide astrology reports, interpretations, forecasts, astrology charts and astrology location maps for the public. I also share my astrological knowledge with those who have an interest in astrology from beginners to professional astrologers. Western astrology is used to interpret influence the movement of the planets, celestial bodies and astrological points according to where they are located using the tropical zodiac. The most well known use of Western astrology is the interpretation and creation of astrological birth charts for individuals, which are otherwise known as natal charts. Each astrological chart has 12 sections where the signs are located and another 12th sections for the 12 astrological houses. Astrological interpretations can also be created for events past, present and future.


    I will update and add information on www.sarahsastrology.com as often as I can. You can see my latest tweets on the website or see my twitter profile @sarahsastro. I am also on Facebook www.facebook.com/sarahsastrology, Google+ as sarahsastrology, on LinkedIn as Sarah Cochrane and on Pinterest as Sarah Cochrane.


    To view examples of astrology charts, readings and other items available on my online shop please view the free downloads page. Further information about the online shop can be found on the online shop information page. If you want to contact me please send me an email to sarahsastrology@googlemail.com or see the contact form page on this website.

   All the astrology information on this website is for entertainment purposes only.

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